Supporting the future of all Phi Psi chapters

By: Bill Replogle, Indiana ’65

For decades, I have to admit I didn’t put much stock into the Fraternity’s national Foundation. I never gave and didn’t really appreciate their role in the organization.

I graduated from Indiana University in 1968. At the time, I remember our Indiana Beta chapter stood for excellence and was one to be proud of. I’ve always supported the chapter without hesitation.

A few years ago the chapter was suspended for hazing and other problems. I was surprised to say the least. This wasn’t the chapter I knew and loved.

I soon realized just how important the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation is.

After Indiana Beta’s suspension became a reality, I met with someone from the Phi Psi Foundation who was familiar with chapter recolonizations. He shared with me a lot about the process, how the national staff comes in and works diligently on campus to identify excellent new recruits to get the chapter back on solid footing again.

I had this “aha” moment when it dawned on me that because chapters themselves can be precarious, and their future paths are unpredictable, if a chapter goes awry, there MUST be a strong national organization to spearhead a comeback. So really, Phi Psi chapters are only as strong as our national organization.

This was an interesting turning point for me. It had been a shock to see what happened in my chapter — something I wouldn’t have dreamed possible.

Today, I consider it an essential investment to support the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation, to pay forward the good our chapter has received.

When Indiana Beta had collapsed, the national organization came to our rescue. I’m grateful for that, and I’m confident that Indiana Beta is on its way back and will one day return to a place of excellence within the Fraternity.

Bill’s beloved chapter is on its way to a successful return to campus. Today the Indiana University colony has 49 members and recently placed third among Phi Psi chapters in raising funds to support the Movember campaign. 

Inspired by Bill’s story? Make a gift to the Foundation’s Phi Psi Fund today to help shape tomorrow’s collegiate chapters.