Thank You to Our 2023 National Scholarship & Fellowship Volunteers

The Phi Kappa Psi Foundation Staff and Board of Trustees would like to show our appreciation to the 113 volunteers who supported the 2023 National Scholarship & Fellowship program. This year, there were 783 applications submitted compared to 378 from the previous year. Thanks to the outpouring of support and commitment from the 113 volunteers listed below, the Foundation was able to award a total of $78,000 to 46 Phi Psis as they pursue academic and career goals.

Please join us in saying thank you to:

Matthew A. Anglin Washington ’90
Craig N. Baker Michigan State ’74
Vincent J. Barbato UCLA ’83
Brian O. Barkley Texas Tech ’79
Andrew C. Bartles Beloit ’06
Devin G. Basile
Brian J. Bergquist Illinois ’08
David T. Boersma Kansas ’84
Scott A. Bontempo Ashland ’81
Charles E. Brandman Case Western Reserve ’70
Nicklaus D. Brincka Syracuse ’17
Klinton C. Briney Butler ’04
John R. Bristol Minnesota ’80
Arthur A. Brown II Toledo ’78
Michael D. Busch Wabash ’83
Derek B. Carr RIT ’00
Chad H. Chelo Rhode Island ’17
Michael J. Ciabatti Iowa State ’17
Joseph R. Coelho Michigan State ’67
Daniel A. Combs Arizona ’04
Trevor J. Coval Michigan State ’15
John G. Crawford Washington ’62
William V. Crean SMU ’93
Joseph W. D’Souza Florida State ’03
Bruce F. Dearborn Washington ’65
James C. Denny W & J ’68
Andrew D. Deutsch Minn. – Duluth ’02
Collin R. Dobin Minnesota ’15
Robert S. Dochterman Illinois ’85
Marc A. Dumas DePaul ’93
David L. Dutcher Stanford ’84
Mark A. Easler Iowa ’86
Brian M. Ebeling York ’97
Charles W. Edgar III Wittenberg ’72
Andrew S. Fang Michigan ’88
Miguel M. Flechas Ole Miss ’99
Steven E. Frank IUP ’70
Paul S. Gendron Cal Poly ’83
Juan J. German Occidental ’09
Brian M. Gildemeyer Delaware ’14
James H. Glenn III Kentucky ’99
Kevin R. Gong Cal Poly ’13
Thomas R. Goodwin Butler ’84
Robert C. Greenberg Indiana ’86
Patrick D. Griffith Wabash ’07
Robert A. Griffith Colgate ’70
James Hardcastle SFA ’13
Brady J. Harman IUPUI ’08
Reuban Hart Long Beach ’18
J. Andrew Hopson DePaul ’10
Peter J. Huff SMU ’89
David F. Hull Jr. LSU ’66
Andrew B. Jones Butler ’96
M. Tyler Jones Houston Christian ’12
Kyle F. Jordan Valparaiso ’97
Matthew L. Kelley Butler ’00
Charles W. Kimerline Capital ’11
Brian K. Madacsi LSU ’97
Robert B. McGonigle Wittenberg ’75
Scot B. Mentzer Temple ’87
Samuel L. Metcalf Capital ’14
Timothy L. Michael IUP ’78
John T. Miesner West Virginia ’81
Adam S. Miller Capital ’10
Joshua M. Mistler Kansas ’90
Christopher P. Montagano DePauw ’05
Carlo F. Moreno UC Riverside ’11
David S. Moyer Alabama ’91
Eric R. Mueller Oregon ’93
Bryce A. Myers Case Western Reserve ’02
David A. Nadolny Ohio State ’86
Aaron M. Naiditch Iowa ’07
Alexander R. Napolitano Valparaiso ’10
Kaleb E. Nelson Huntsville ’16
Abby Nicol
Geoffrey S. Ottens F & M ’86
John C. Palladino Monmouth ’74
Aaron C. Parker Iowa ’05
Matthew J. Pavlovich Creighton ’01
Andrew M. Pekny Beloit ’19
Richard D. Pelletier Jr. Rowan ’02
Marc S. Persson F & M ’97
Michael J. Rill Wittenberg ’03
Mark A. Robertson DePauw ’70
Marc E. Robins Alabama ’84
Edwin C. Roessler Jr. ASU ’83
Michael J. Rogers Butler ’89
W. Todd Salen Illinois ’77
Matthew J. Schaefer Oregon State ’04
Wesley W. Schaub Toledo ’80
Michael J. Schroeder Minnesota ’80
Daniel R. Schwitzgable Akron ’72
Mark S. Scott Ole Miss ’73
Carlos J. Serra Kansas ’87
Gregg J. Siefert Gettysburg ’79
Blake F. Singbush Iowa State ’14
John H. Smith Dayton ’11
Jack F. Speed Ole Miss ’68
Richard L. Squires West Virginia ’70
Dustin St. George VCU ’12
Justin R. Steinhard RIT ’00
Keith L. Tingley East Carolina ’98
Nicholas B. Velianoff UIC ’03
Jordan T. Walters Florida State ’03
George L. Weir Case Western Reserve ’67
Jarrod R. Williams Ashland ’06
Beth L. Winchell
Hangqi Zheng F & M ’19
John J. Ziegelmeyer Jr. Kansas ’70
Andrew E. Zobel Minnesota ’14

National Scholarships & Fellowships are awarded annually to initiated members pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees. Applications are available online between January 16 and March 16 each year. Learn more about Phi Kappa Psi Foundation’s scholarship program and encourage brothers to apply.


Phi Kappa Psi Foundation

The charitable arm of Phi Kappa Psi, the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation was established in 1914 to foster the development of leaders and promote academic excellence in higher education. Today, through contributions from generous donors, these priorities remain with the Foundation funding grants in three key areas benefiting the lives of Phi Psis across the nation: leadership, scholarship and housing.