Thank You, Phi Psi Alumni

By: Randy Kenyon, Oregon ’14

I’ve had a lot of incredible Phi Psi experiences over the years, and I have generous Phi Psi alumni to thank for them.

As a sophomore, I was fortunate to attend the American Leadership Academy (ALA) in Cabo. It was a terrific opportunity to meet leading Phi Psis successful in their fields.

Attending ALA helped me to identify Phi Psi role models and develop my own leadership style, which helped me in the challenging role of being risk manager of my chapter, and again when I was elected president. Helping my Oregon Alpha brothers adopt a strong sense of personal responsibility has been an important goal of mine in my time in both of these positions.

Phi Psi alumni have given me more than just leadership opportunities though; they’ve helped to further my academic career.

I learned about the National and District Scholarships available through the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation and decided to apply. I needed the financial help and figured the scholarship could assist me with books and tuition.

Receiving a scholarship meant more to me than I realized it would.

When I found out I was a recipient, I thought about the generous Phi Psis who donated to help brothers like me. It made me feel even more accountable for my actions now — and definitely gave me a sense that I want to pay it forward in the future.

Some of Phi Psi’s most influential alumni are those who stay connected, and I hope to do the same.

Without Phi Psi, I don’t think I would’ve been able to shape my leadership style the way I have or found this deep sense of brotherhood and responsibility. Over the years I’ve had incredible role models that have ingrained a sense of duty and integrity in me. These role models and the many brothers I’ve met along the way continue to inspire me and push me to achieve my goals.

Now, I’m working hard to better my chapter and fellow undergraduate brothers. I hope that after I leave, I will have helped guide a new set of leaders to take charge and lead the way for Oregon Alpha.

Phi Kappa Psi Foundation is committed to funding scholarship opportunities to help our undergraduate and graduate brothers pursue their academic goals. Learn more and encourage a Phi Psi in your life to apply today.