Nelson Leadership Institute Expands PIVOT Program in 2018

Established in 2017, The Nelson Leadership Institute’s inaugural program, PIVOT is a five-day immersive journey for undergraduate Phi Psis built on learning the small changes leaders do that make maximum impact. The PIVOT concept is simple – if we can change each young brother’s compass by just a degree or two, then his trajectory will be dramatically impacted over time.

The PIVOT program will expand in 2018 to welcome over 100 undergraduate leaders and many successful alumni to Orlando in March. PIVOT includes a significant alumni presence, creates a community among the participants, tracks attendees throughout their collegiate journey and includes a hands-on service project.

The selection process is discerning and evaluates all applicants on their own merits (while involving as many chapters as possible) in each of the following areas:

  • Commitment to one’s chapter, campus and community;
  • Desire to learn more about one’s talents, values and maturity;
  • Has an understanding of and demonstrates actions that are congruous with Phi Psi’s values; and
  • A potential for future leadership

PIVOT 2018 introduces two session offerings for undergraduates to choose from, March 4-10 (M1) and March 11-17 (M2) both being hosted in Orlando, Florida.

Thanks to the generosity of Nelson Leadership Institute and Phi Kappa Psi Foundation donors, the only cost to an undergraduate attending one of the programs is a $250 registration fee with scholarships available based on need. All other expenses including airfare, lodging, meals and activities are included.