Creating Change One Brother at a Time

By: Ryan Lewton, Muskingum ’14

Phi Psi donors have changed my life and here’s how.

I was fortunate to receive a fellowship to participate in an Alternative Spring Break trip put on by The United Way in March 2017. Originally, I had planned a more conventional spring break trip to Florida with some of my chapter brothers, but after learning about this opportunity from one of our advisors, I decided to take a chance and apply.

I had a feeling this experience would be something I’d remember for the rest of my life, one that would teach me much-needed leadership skills as well as help me become more humble in the real world. It did not disappoint.

Coincidentally my trip ended up filling a big need for a Boys and Girls Club in Oakland, California. There’s no Club near Muskingam, so I’d never visited one before for Phi Psi. I will never forget the kids that I got to spend time with and help that week.

While I started the week exhausted trying to keep up with the dozens of children running around the club, I quickly realized that come Friday it would be hard to leave. In the few days that my group was there, we spent time bonding with these kids – reading to them, helping with their homework, and just spending time together. When it came time to say goodbye at the end of the week, several became visibly upset and a few even started to cry. In that moment I knew; we had made an impact.

I went on this trip because I was selected to help people and gain a better understanding of the problems in our world outside of my local community. I truly saw extreme poverty, homelessness, and beauty all in the one week I was there. This trip has inspired me to think bigger and do what I can for those that cannot help themselves all while giving me memories that I will never forget.

Thank you to the alumni who donate to the Phi Psi Foundation for making this life-changing trip a reality for me.

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