Foundation Sets New Record for Educational Grants

The Phi Kappa Psi Foundation approved over $591,000 in grants for Phi Kappa Psi’s educational programs in 2017. This sets a new record high for funding by the Foundation and has enabled the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity to grow its programming lineup significantly.

Foundation Trustee Tim McCourt Washington ’78 said, “Given the conversations happening on campuses around the country about the condition of the general Greek community, we feel these financial investments in our undergraduates are essential to the future not only of Phi Kappa Psi, but also of Greek systems across the country, and we will remain focused on making wise commitments as we enter 2018.”

This year’s funding supported Woodrow Wilson Leadership School, Regional Officer Trainings, the ELEVATE Health & Wellness program, and the new Professional Development Conference. The Professional Development Conference was approved for grants totaling $224,550, representing 100% of the estimated program cost and is the largest single grant ever approved by the Foundation in Phi Kappa Psi history. CliftonStrengths and ELEVATE were also approved at 100% of program costs with Woodrow Wilson Leadership School being funded at 85% of total program costs. These and other programs are delivered at the chapter level, the regional level and the national level and are tied together in a comprehensive educational model designed to create long-lasting positive change in the lives of our undergraduate brothers.

The Foundation allows Phi Psi alumni to positively influence the future of the brotherhood by investing in activities and programs that enlighten undergraduates, challenge them to think critically and show them a pathway for success in college and throughout life.

“We are proud to partner with chapters and undergraduate brothers by funding these programs. By investing now, we can change tomorrow,” said Foundation CEO Ben Nicol Valparaiso ’00.