Foundation Announces 2019 National & District Scholarship Recipients

The Phi Kappa Psi Foundation Board of Trustees is proud to announce the awarding of $102,250 in National and District Scholarships to eight graduate and 36 undergraduate Phi Psis pursuing their academic and career goals.

These brothers excel in the areas of academics, chapter leadership and campus involvement. They show exemplary leadership on and off campus and meritorious service to others living out Phi Psi’s motto, “The Great Joy of Serving Others.”

The 2019 recipients are:

Outstanding Solon E. Summerfield Award
Jordan Zarzaur (Ole Miss ’18)

Outstanding Solon E. Summerfield Runners-up
Jarod Farchione (RIT ’16)
David Grinsfelder (Cal ’15)

Solon E. Summerfield Awards
Jack Norton (F&M ’18)
Nathan Sands (Indiana ’19)
John Wahhab (UC Irvine ’17)
Jimmy Zhu (Case Western ’17)

Ralph “Dud” Daniel Leadership Award
Alexander Lev (Iowa State ’16)

Founders Graduate Awards
Logan Bagby (Ball State ’14)
Ryan Chiu (UIC ’16)
Anthony Moller (Stanford ’16)
Anthony Vukusich (Indiana State ’06)

William H. Blanning Graduate Awards
Austin Borja (Penn ’15)
Cody West (Iowa State ’16)

Ernest Garbe Award
Patrick Kjellander (CSUN ’18)

Winston “Win” Tate Awards
Milosz Gawlik (DePaul ’16)
Austin Shission (Rhode Island ’16)

Watkins Christian Scholar Awards
Andrew Hanson (Creighton ’06)

Ruddick C. Lawrence Awards
George Kingston (Stanford ’18)
Andrew Agrippina (W&L)

William R. Walker Award
Tomas Sanchez (Penn ’17)

Jerry Nelson Award
Joseph Nagel (Allegheny ’16)

Mary Pickford-Rogers Memorial Award
Chase Parker (Texas ’17)

Phillip M. Cornelius Award
Zachary Valdez (Alabama ’18)

Ben King Award
Joe Zhou (Penn ’16)

Schroeder Family Finance Award
Matthew Shuirman (Texas ’17)

District I Scholarships
Connor Burwell (Lafayette ’16)
Thomas Morris (Drexel ’18)
Shubh Punj (F & M ’18)

District II Scholarships
Cameron Deal (Ashland ’18)
Ryan Moffo (Muskingum ’16)
John Noah Spinner (Akron ’18)

District III Scholarships
Trevor Coval (Michigan State ’15)
Nicholas Egierski (Ball State ’17)
Eryk Soltys (DePaul ’17)

District IV Scholarships
James Blake (LSU ’16)
David Bock (Alabama ’17)
Keith Robus (Virginia Tech ’18)

District V Scholarships
Michael Ciabatti (Iowa State ’17)
Joe Davidson (Kansas ’18)
Will Sather (Minnesota ’18)

District VI Scholarships
Shea O’Hanlon Larkin (Oregon State ’17)
John Melizanis (Cal ’18)
Gabriel Quick (Long Beach ’17)

National and District Scholarships are awarded annually to initiated members pursing undergraduate or graduate degrees. Applications are available online between September 15 and March 1 each year. Learn more about Phi Kappa Psi Foundation’s scholarship program and encourage brothers to apply.


Phi Kappa Psi Foundation

The charitable arm of Phi Kappa Psi, the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation was established in 1914 to foster the development of leaders and promote academic excellence in higher education. Today, through contributions from generous donors, these priorities remain with the Foundation funding grants in three key areas benefiting the lives of Phi Psis across the nation: leadership, scholarship and housing.