Phi Kappa Psi Foundation Names First Trustee Emeritus

The Phi Kappa Psi Foundation’s Board of Trustees has unanimously voted to name Brother Henry “Hank” Marvin Southern Cal ’56, as the first Trustee Emeritus. The Board recently introduced the Emeritus status to acknowledge the contributions of particularly impactful Trustees who have retired from active Board service but are still able and interested in contributing to Board-level considerations. While non-voting, Emeritus Trustees are always welcomed to Board meetings and are held in high regard by active members.

“This appointment to serve as the Foundation’s first Trustee Emeritus speaks to Hank’s tremendous contributions to the Phi Kappa Psi Foundation over the many years. We look forward to his future contributions to important Board considerations,” said Fred Hegele, Foundation Chairman. “The move by the Board to establish an Emeritus status suggests that as we welcome new and younger members to our ranks, we hold the contributions of their predecessors in high value. We are evolving as a Board, and as we do, we honor those who have paved the way.”