Nelson Leadership Institute

The Phi Kappa Psi Foundation is pleased to honor Brother Jerry Nelson UCLA ’48 by establishing the Nelson Leadership Institute (NLI). Jerry has given immeasurable time and treasure to our brotherhood for the betterment of our beloved fraternity. The NLI carries Jerry’s name as a reminder of his catalytic and entrepreneurial spirit which has well served thousands of young Phi Psis.

Leadership has grown the Foundation to become one of the leading fraternal foundations nationally. “Being part of the Phi Psi Foundation over the last decade has been a meaningful experience for me,” said Trustee Donald Fites Valparaiso ’53. “Jerry, has been an incomparable Foundation Trustee, propelling our programming and fundraising efforts to new heights.”

Mission of the NLI is to empower, develop and affirm undergraduate members as they become ethical mission-driven leaders of influence. The NLI is excited to present its inaugural program – PIVOT.

PIVOT has been developed to complement other collegiate leadership offerings such as the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School and Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute. PIVOT is a five-day immersive journey built on exploring the formative “bonds” of life that make individuals and groups successful. The exploration of these bonds will challenge participants both mentally and physically while guiding them to capitalize on their strengths. “The leadership of the Nelson Leadership Institute is being very deliberate in the development of the PIVOT program and the selection of attendees,” assures Foundation Chairman Frederick Hegele Ohio State ’63. “The 2017 pilot session will serve as the model of what the program can become.”

PIVOT 2017 is a one session offering March 12-18 for 40-50 participants, hosted in Lakeland, Florida. The NLI plans to expand this offering in future years. Participants will be selected through a nominations process which seeks to discover qualified and sincere collegiate brothers who want to be learn and experience something different. PIVOT will bond undergraduates to each other and successful alumni. The selection process will evaluate applicants from as many chapters as possible, taking into consideration the applicant’s commitment to chapter, campus, and community; desire to learn more about themselves and others; personal insight into one’s talents, values, and maturity and a potential for future leadership.

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