Phi Kappa Psi Foundation

Exciting Changes to Phi Psi's National Scholarship Program

Author: Stephanie Miller
Published: February 21, 2014
Each year, the Phi Psi Foundation looks for ways to continually remain a leader in the Greek world. We analyze our programmatic offerings to ensure we are providing the best leadership and personal development options to our undergraduates. We also compare our fellowship and scholarship opportunities to guarantee they remain relevant and appropriate for our youngest members. Recently the Foundation has reviewed our National Scholarship Program.

Our findings provided insight into the award amount, number of scholarships available and scholarship deadline and evaluation timing in comparison to other Greek organizations and higher education institutions. In particular, it was discovered that many organizations provide scholarships on a yearly basis with a single deadline, which is different than our prior practices.

Based on these findings and feedback from undergraduates, the Foundation has decided to align Phi Psi’s national scholarship program more closely with that of schools and other Greek organizations. It is intended that this change will garner the positive results seen from this study. As such, applications for national scholarships will be made available September 1, 2014 and the deadline for applications will be March 1, 2015. This will provide undergraduates the opportunity to apply for any and all awards they qualify for in a single application cycle. This is an exciting change for the Foundation and one which is welcomed by the undergraduates of today. Be on the lookout for more information on the scholarships themselves as well as award amounts.

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