2014 Futures Quest Fellowship Recipients

Author: Stephanie Miller
Published: November 25, 2014
The Foundation encourages members to take advantage of interfraternal leadership opportunities including Futures Quest. Annually, the Foundation awards Futures Quest Fellowships that cover the costs associated with registration for the program and reasonable travel accommodations. Hosted by the North-American Interfraternity Institute (NIC), Futures Quest is a two-day interfraternal program for newly initiated members. Attendees focus on identifying an individual’s personal strengths and weaknesses while honing communication and leadership skills. Futures Quest exposes initiates to a variety of situations and new ideas and attendees are encouraged to enact them in future fraternal experiences.

Please join the Foundation staff and Trustees in congratulating the recipients of the fall 2014 Futures Quest fellowships.

Cameron Black Wittenberg '14
Bofeng Chen Penn '14
Ryan Dembosky Illinois State '14
Robert Deutsch Drexel '13
Matthew Goldhirsch Oneonta '13
Drake Hamilton Kansas '13
Richard Racette Bowling Green '14
Yun Sin Georgia Tech '14
Jacob Stone Wabash '13
Patrick Tarasiewicz Kentucky '13

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