2014 ALA Fellowship Recipients Announced

Author: Stephanie Miller
Published: October 31, 2014
The Phi Psi Foundation annually offers fellowships for undergraduate Phi Psis to attend the American Leadership Academy (ALA) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The ALA exists to support programs which provide education and training for college students and alumni in the areas of leadership, scholarship, service, citizenship and free enterprise. The curriculum supported by the ALA promotes the value of education; the importance of honorable conduct and the application of ethics for good leadership, citizenship, patriotism and service; and healthy and successful lifestyles.

Please join the Foundation staff and Trustees in congratulating the recipients of the 2014 ALA fellowships.

Connor Accettulla Case Western '13
Evan Blackwell Iowa State '13
Nicholas DeMartini San Diego State '13
Matthew Fitzpatrick Valparaiso '14 
Daniel Groth Valparaiso '13
Jackson Houston Minn. - Duluth '12 
Timothy Krentz Valparaiso '13 
Pierce Lawver Lycoming '12
Dustin Meeks Ball State '14
Andy Muñoz Lafayette '12 
Jonathan Shead Michigan State '13 
Anton Yanchilin Creighton '13

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