The entire national scholarship application process is online using SmarterSelect. Not only are all applicants able to save their application and return to complete it at a later time, they are also able to upload their official transcripts and both letters of recommendation to their application, prior to it being submitted to the Foundation. It is our hope that this will further streamline the process and allow for more complete applications, since the supplementary material is attached to the application prior to being submitted.

Each applicant for national scholarships will have a unique log in and password and will use this each time to return to their applications. After you have created a SmarterSelect account and completed your first application, your information for commonly asked questions will populate into subsequent applications leaving only the award specific questions for you to complete.

For tips on how to improve your national scholarship application and increase your chances of being selected as a recipient, click here to view helpful tips from a past scholarship selection committee member. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Foundation offices at

With the ever rising cost of education, scholarships are becoming more and more important to today’s Phi Psi collegiate and the Foundation recognize the need for assistance to support your academic goals and makes available over $80,000 in national scholarship awards each year.