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Chapter Scholarship Fund Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter Scholarship Fund FAQs
  • Q: How do Chapter Scholarship Funds work?

  • Q: How do I start a Chapter Scholarship Fund for my chapter?

  • Q: How much can our Chapter Scholarship Fund give in scholarships/grants each year?

  • Q: What does the “next” academic year mean?

  • Q: Why just 5%? Doesn’t the Foundation earn more than that each year?

  • Q: Who picks the winners for our award money?

  • Q: What do you mean by “recommend the winners”?

  • Q: What criteria are used to select winners?

  • Q: How does the whole process work?

  • Q: How do the recipients receive their checks?

  • Q: Why can't recipients use the money for spring break or personal expenses?

  • Q: How are Chapter Scholarship Funds used to assist with chapter housing efforts?