In 1852, two Jefferson College students, William Henry Letterman and Charles Page Thomas Moore, founded an organization based on “The Great Joy of Serving Others”. These two idealists began a new kind of Fraternity – an organization that would supplement the university’s goal of improving students’ citizenship and academic understanding. Today, the Foundation continues our Founders’ vision by recognizing the need and value of education and cultivating and rewarding members’ academic pursuits. For this reason, the Foundation proudly awards annual national and chapter-based scholarships totaling over $270,000 to undergraduate and graduate Phi Psis who excel in areas of academics, chapter leadership and campus involvement.

One of the most prestigious and recognized awards programs in the Interfraternity world, Phi Psi’s chapter-based scholarships, are made possible through the Chapter Scholarship Funds (CSF) program. Current program policies make available an amount equal to 5% of the principal to chapters each year for scholarships and grants. Alumni volunteers from each chapter establish the criteria and oversee the process for awarding the monies from their account.

In addition to the Foundation’s CSF program, national scholarships that reward academic and social pursuits, help men address the ever-increasing costs of higher education and reduce their dependence on part-time employment so they can concentrate on their studies are available to undergraduate and graduate Phi Psis.

The Foundation is committed to funding programs such as Chapter Scholarship Funds and the national scholarship program as well as projects that promote the appropriate atmosphere for academic study. The caliber of the men chosen to receive the national and chapter-based awards has continued to rise. These brothers have displayed consistent and honorable academic history, outstanding service to the Fraternity and their campus as participating members and leaders in university-wide organizations.