About Our Chapter Housing Campaign

In 2010, a dedicated group of Cal Ep Alumni took on the task to rebuild the house physically and spiritually. After thousands of hours and millions of dollars, we have a proud new Chapter House and vibrant new Chapter with growing membership.While the fundraising was a great success, it fell short of the amount needed for the house to be debt free. Member dues are not sufficient to support the operations and debt in a competitive environment for student housing.We are calling on all brothers to make a generous pledge to help us pay off all or a large part of the $3.4m mortgage. Our goal for 2017 is $1m.  Please help us make Cal Ep financial self-sufficient and place it on firm ground for generations to come.

Facts and Figures
  • Current membership trends are exceeding expectations (Winter 2017- 86 Actives/12 pledges)
  • Debt Service per member is $600/mo per Live In Member
  • Market rates for Housing will not allow this to be passed through to Tenant
  • The house runs a deficit of $100k-$200k each year
  • Without the debt, the house would be cash flow positive
Our Housing Campaign Goal
$1,000,000 in 2017