About Chapter Housing Campaigns

Phi Psi alumni and undergraduates frequently share stories of their most cherished fraternal memories, many of which include their experiences while living in a chapter facility. A facility plays an important role in the success of a chapter and members’ collegiate years. It is Phi Psi's chapter houses that augment the basic fraternal experience and facilitate an environment for competitive recruitment and a place where camaraderie flourishes. However, and even more importantly, these facilities allow today's collegians access to the best technology, equipment, tools and resources for studying, healthy living and long-term scholastic success.

An undergraduate's physical surroundings have been shown to dramatically affect his overall academic performance and thus in order to supplement Canonsburg Corporation's and the Fraternity's support of house corporations and the physical structures they maintain, the Foundation has established several chapter specific funds. These funds include Chapter Scholarship Funds, Campaign Funds and Chapter Educational Operating Funds.

Chapter Scholarship Funds are not only a vehicle to assist groups by offering monies for merit based awards but also provide monies for needed repairs, upgrades or even the purchase of new housing by serving as a lending source for house corporations. Therefore, Chapter Scholarship Funds serve as a permanent reserve needed to renovate and replace housing every 20 to 30 years.

In a capital campaign situation, there is the need to use monies for many other purposes (fundraising, architect/engineering, permits, construction, etc.) and thus the Foundation has created Campaign Funds and Chapter Educational Operating Funds. These funds support capital building projects that promote the desired atmosphere for academic study and are able to make distributions for appropriate project-related expenses as well as disbursements to offset the long-term operating costs of the facility. The growth of Phi Kappa Psi depends on our ability to improve and upgrade chapter housing in order to support the academic pursuits of our membership. An investment in Phi Psi property and chapter houses is an investment in the organization's future.

For more information on the Foundation's assistance with housing related fundraising projects please contact the Foundation office.

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