Phi Kappa Psi Foundation
Excellence in Advising Grant Program

The Excellence in Advising Grant Program is intended for Chapter Advisors who work with collegians and wish to improve and promote the academic and scholarship endeavors of the students they advise. Between $500 and $2,000 is able to be requested by Chapter Advisors for the purchase of educational materials and services to be used during undergraduate programming.

The Excellence in Advising Grant Program is designed to promote educational activities in Phi Psi chapters and colonies throughout the country. The program encourages the development of innovative projects within established criteria. The program also encourages establishing an active relationship between the college or university, other Greek organizations and the campus community as a whole.

Grant Applications will be accepted until December 15 with grants awarded in January. To apply for an Excellence in Advising Grant, please click here. Preferences for grants are given to programs/projects that address the needs of current undergraduates, involve partnerships and are replicable. For additional information on the Excellence in Advising Grant Program or if you have application questions, please contact the Foundation offices at 800.350.1852 or