Phi Kappa Psi Foundation
Foundation Trustees

Foundation Trustees serve for six year terms and are elected in groups of four or five every two years. Trustees serve on committees that are responsible for planning and implementing investment and spending strategies as well as fundraising and donor cultivation efforts. Meetings of the Trustees are held three times each year, with conference calls as necessary. Trustees of the Phi Psi Foundation serve as volunteers, at their own cost, and each is involved in the Foundation’s continuing fundraising efforts. They are also committed to the idea that Phi Psi's young members are the future of this nation and need every opportunity to succeed. The Trustees bring their considerable experience in business, investing, management, planning and public relations to their stewardship and support of the Foundation.

Trustee Profiles
  • James "Jim" C. Denny, W & J '68, Vice Chairman

  • Donald "Don" V. Fites, Valparaiso '53

  • Christopher "Chris" J. Hedberg Colorado '89

  • Frederick "Fred" A. Hegele, Ohio State '63, Chairman

  • John D. Klinedinst, W & L '68

  • Bruce A. Jackson, Case Western '70, Secretary/Treasurer

  • Henry “Hank” B. Marvin, Southern Cal '56

  • David Bruce McMahan, Southern Cal '57

  • Jerry Nelson, UCLA '48

  • Ari J. Officer Stanford '06

  • Dennis J. “Denny” Schwartz, Purdue '60

  • W. Guy Spriggs, Ohio State '71

  • Carl J. Stoney, Jr., Cal '65

  • Wayne W. Wilson, Michigan State '59, Chairman Emeritus

  • Paul R. Wineman, Washington '55

  • David L. Woodrum West Virginia '61